Power Plan Assistant for Windows® 7

Power Plan Assistant for Windows® 7

Power Plan Assistant is a power management tool for Windows 7
License type: Freeware

Power Plan Assistant is a power management tool, created specifically for Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system.
It's an ultimate manual / automatic power plan switcher with a compact yet very informative system Power icon replacement (option) and lots of other goods.

Easily switch between the Windows® built-in/custom power plans (all plans, not 2, as when operating via system Power icon) and instantly power off the display
on user's demand. It can be waked up then by pressing any key or moving the cursor.

Always observe which power plan is currently active.

Switch the power plans automatically.

Instantly power off the display, lock workstation or toggle Windows® 'Flip 3D' mode without a need to perform even a single click: user-configurable
action can fire on placing the cursor precisely at the top left corner of the screen.

Run the user-defined application or a batch file if power plan changes (individual setting per each power plan is available). This enriches Power Plan Assistant with virtually infinite capabilities: for example, you can tie your favorite overclocking software preset to an active power plan, turn off specific devices, etc.

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